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Plink Plonk

Plink Plonk Contact: +34 644257027,

Plink Plonk Records. Producing quality innovative electronic music for adults.

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Plink Plonk Contact: +34 644257027,

Plink Plonk Records = An innovative electronic house & techno label from the 90’s set up by Mr.C & Paul RIP in 1992. Mr.C’s Plink Plonk Records was always about being innovative & breaking new ground with electronic dance music & was for many years, very much ahead of its time & quite possibly the only record label in it’s field for a while, with most of the releases on this label sounding more relevant today than they did in the 90’s.

Plink Plonk Records released artists only under pseudonyms until the last handful of releases in an effort to put the music before the artist’s hype.

It’s now time however to let you know just who was who: Mantrac = Mr.C, Krypto = Paul Rip, Somnambulist = Mr.C & Paul Rip, Pluto = Rolo (Wooden Tops), Bullet = Leslie Lawrence (Bang The Party), Megalon = Laggy (Hijacker) & Zed, Stranger = Ian Tregonning (Inky Blackness), Underground Science = Laggy & Paul Rip, Auranaut = John Ryman, Animus Amor = Mr.C & Jerry Jones, Blue Goose = Richard Grey, Kosmik Messenger = Stacey Pullen, Tone Theory = Derrick Carter, Innersound = Advent, Ansicht = Ian Pooley, God Of The Machine = Derrick Thompson, Urban Groove Alliance = Hope Grant. All other artists used their own name or original name for their project.

Subsidiary labels where Low Voltage (Techno), E.A.R Techno / Trance), Autoi (Drum & Bass) & Psychomat (Abstract beats & breaks).

Singles (Most Recent Releases Firsts
PLK048 – Christopher Benjamin – Buddha Possessed
PLK046 – Freefall Project – ‘Solarize’ Ep
PLK047 – Nexus = ‘Oblivion / Technoid’
PLK044 – Mr.C & Tom Parris – ‘Nice N Nasty’
PLK043 – Mr.C & Tom Parris – ‘Searchin’ Ep
PLK042 – Michel De Hey V Literon – ‘Mintage’ Ep
PLK041 – Mr.C – ‘Hydro Panic / Insect Kingdon
PLK040 – Insinc & If – ‘Masp’ Ep
PLK039 – Else – ‘Found Objects’ Ep
PLK038 – God Of The Machine – ‘God Of The Machine’
PLK037 – Megalon – ‘Idax’
PLK036 – Urban Groove Alliance – ‘Robust’ Ep
PLK035 – Underground Science – ‘
PLK034 – God Of The Machine – ‘Nude Machinery’
PLK033 – Stranger – ‘Partly Cloudy’ Ep
PLK032 – Music For Freaks – ‘Spoo / Ass Therapy For Bunny Girls’
PLK031 – Megalon – ‘Motion / Deff / Traffik’
PLK030 – Urban Groove Alliance V- ‘Infectious / Centralfugel Force / String Deep’
PLK029 – Inteloper – ‘Daddy Vegas’
PLK028 – Ansicht – ‘Next To Nowhere’
PLK027 – Innersound – ‘Fax Wars’ Ep
PLK026 – Kosmik Messenger – ‘Flash’
PLK025 – Insync V Mysteron – ‘Dissolve’
PLK024 – Bushwacka – ‘Boomtang’ Ep
PLK023 – Somnambulist – ‘Ambush’
PLK022 – Tone Theory – ‘Limbo Of Vanished Possibilities’
PLK021 – La Synthesis ‘Agrophobia’ (Kenny Larkin & Nu Idol Remixes)
PLK020 – Kosmik Messenger – ‘Eye 2 Eye’
PLK019 – Megalon – ‘Medusa’
PLK018 – Bushwacka – ‘Grow Me’ Ep
PLK017 – Underground Science -‘WaterWurld’
PLK016 – Blue Goose -‘Spirals’
PLK015 – Animus Amor -‘And On’
PLK014 – La Synthesis -‘Agraphobia’ Ep
PLK013 – The Auranaut -‘Interactive (Understand)’
PLK012 – Mantrac -‘In R’ Dbl Ep
PLK011 – Megalon -‘Darkness’
PLK010 – Mantrac -‘Coaster’
PLK009 – Wild West -‘Citric’
PLK008 – Underground Science -‘Germination’
PLK007 – Megalon -‘Sorceror’ Dbl Ep
PLK006 – Stranger -‘Volcano’ Ep
PLK005 – Wild West -‘Terraforma’
PLK004 – Pluto -‘Plutobeat’
PLK003 – Megalon – ‘Semblance’/’Incantation’
PLK002 – Bullet – ‘Trancedance’
PLK001 – Pluto – ‘Floorstruck’

*** Newly Available On Beatport***
PLKLP007 Various Mixed By Mr.C
PLKLP006 Various – ‘Parasols’ Vol 2
PLKLP004 Interloper – ‘Augur’
PLKLP003 Various – Space Wars
PLKLP002 Megalon -‘Pandora’S Box’
PLKLP001 Various -‘Parasols’ Vol 1

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